Gemstone Jewelry – Bring A Touch Of Royalty Home With You

“Bling” – the pop culture phrase used for describing the expensive jewels worn by the celebrities on red carpets or even to fancy affairs has brought a comprehension of gemstone jewelry into the mainstream such as never previously. But before that term being coined, we marveled at the famous Hope Diamond, the Star of India and also the infamous jewelry collection of Elizabeth Taylor. Not to mention there will be the Royal Crown Jewels – what little, or perhaps not small, female has not imagined what it really will be love to use a crown chock-full sparkly treasure like gemstones?

I spoke with a good friend recently about the love of her for smoky quartz jewelry and she shared with me just how she is able to vividly remember when she was a bit of female and then made her first trip to England. Among the favored parts of her of the visit was really getting to find out the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London. “I was just four, though I knew a lot then just how amazing all those gorgeous gemstones have been, and I still recall the awe I sensed till this morning, that all those were special jewels fit for a genuine Queen to put on. They were gorgeous and sparkled like nothing I’d ever seen before. I am certain without having a doubt, that morning began the love of mine of sparkly stones! I like gemstone jewelry – the friends of mine know whether it sparkles, it is for me. Tanzanite, amethyst and pink sapphires particularly are the favorites of mine, but all styles, sizes and shapes are amazingly lovely to me.”

And so it has had the centuries. Men and women equally have had a love of gemstones. There’s actually evidence of mining for gems more than 7000 years back in old Egypt. Before gemstone jewelry being worn to show status and wealth, it was thought the stones themselves assisted individuals to be effective by offering them the capability to point and guide the forces of nature. Others think that this is precisely why Queens and kings initially started using them in the crowns of theirs and as jewelry in addition to getting referenced in locations of the Bible as adorning the armor and breastplates of high priests and early warriors.